Thursday, October 8, 2009

a not-so-holsum experience.

I was entered into the spelling bee in 7th grade based on my amazing abilities to uh.. spell. several rounds in, no one STILL hasn't misspelled a word. and here I was thinking I was the only smart one.


when I was younger, or up until 7th grade, I would go grocery shopping with my mom. I remember certain foods as a child and there is this brand of bread that has stuck with me for as long as I can remember... and will most likely haunt me forever. HOLSUM bread.


now that I basically gave it away, you guessed it.... I was asked to spell the word "Wholesome." The sad thing about it was that I spelled out the letters H-O-L-S-U-M with such confidence! Not only did I spell it wrong, but it was spelled in the WORST way possible!!! how I hated hearing that *ding!* of the bell after I finished... I'm thinking about suing the company for influencing kids to spell terribly.